COSCO SHIPPING Lines (New Zealand) Ltd

   About Us

Mission Statement

To be a world leader in shipping and logistics services by maintaining trustworthy relationships with our customers, employees and partners, yielding best returns for shareholders, society and environment.

            • Our ever-lasting promise is to provide best services to our clients and maximize returns to our shareholders.
            • Our eternal belief is to build up an image of credibility and reliability.

COSCO Profile

As of February 28, 2019, the total fleet of COSCO SHIPPING comprises of 1,274 vessels with a capacity of 101.95 million DWT, ranking No.1 in the world. Its container fleet capacity is 2.94 million TEU, ranking the third in the world. Its dry bulk fleet (418 vessels/39.19 million DWT), tanker fleet (195 vessels/24.95 million DWT) and general and specialized cargo fleet (166 vessels/4.57 million DWT) are all topping the world’s list.

Thanks to its complete global service network, COSCO SHIPPING has become a top international brand. The upstream and downstream links along the industry chain, such as terminals, logistics, shipping finance, ship repair and shipbuilding, have formed a sound industrial structure. The Corporation has invested in 56 terminals, including over 51 container terminals, all over the world. The annual throughput of its container terminals amounts to 118.72 million TEU, taking the first place worldwide; the global sales volume of its bunker fuel exceeds 29 million tons, which is the largest in the world; and the container leasing business scale surpasses 2.7 million TEU, the third-largest in the world. Its offshore engineering manufacturing competence and vessel agency business are also leading in the world.

The vision of China COSCO Shipping is to undertake the mission of globalizing Chinese economy, consolidate advantageous resources, take global shipping, integrated logistics, and shipping related financial services as core business, and develop diversified industrial clusters, so as to build a world-leading business entity that provides integrated logistics and supply chain services.

Focusing on four strategic dimensions, which are “scale growth, profitability, anti-cyclical capability and building a global company”, the Group highlights the “6+1” industrial clusters layout. The “6” is shipping, logistics, finance, equipment manufacturing, shipping services, and social services industrial clusters. The “1” means “Internet Plus” business based on business model innovation. This layout will help facilitate the integration of shipping factors and build a world-class logistics service provider.

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